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General Motors
James Bell, GM's Head of Consumer Affairs Shares Important Tips and Tricks for Safe Summer Towing in Four Part Video Series
RV'ing is a great way to see the country, but it's not easy and preparation and practice make for a safe and exciting adventure. In this fun, fast-paced, four-part video series James Bell, GM's Head of Consumer Affairs shares some important information you need to know before you hitch your wagon.Video #1 - GMC Trailering Academy Featuring 2014 GMC SierraIn the first video James attends a GMC Trailering academy and learns how easy it is to maneuver a large Airstream trailer when towing with the all-new 2014 GMC Sierra. Lead Trailering Engineer for GMC, Robert Krouse, puts James through his paces on a challenging course laid out on the tarmac of Camarillo Airport near Los Angeles.

James' first task was to execute full throttle acceleration. Then perform a double lane change, veering right one full lane and then immediately returning to the left followed immediately by a panic brake application to full stop. The next hair raising anti-sway demonstration was a constant radius turn while maintaining a steady speed of 20mph. While this could be unnerving, even dangerous with a tow vehicle that does not meet specifications, according to James, performing this maneuver with the 2014 Sierra was "smooth as glass!"

Check out the entire video for all the action and hear what James and Robert have to say about the full towing capabilities of this amazing full-size pick-up truck.

Video #2 – Glamping with GM's James Bell
If you are serious about RV'ing – you should really consider Glamping! Short for glamorous camping, Glamping in a luxury trailer has all of the benefits of traditional camping – fresh air, enjoying the outdoors, communing with nature – but adds the benefit of a luxury abode on wheels.

In this video James Bell talks about Glamping with Dicky Riegel, Founder & CEO of Airstream2go, a company that provides a premium RV trailer experience by renting an Airstream trailer together with a GMC tow vehicle.

Take a look as James gets a tour inside a glamorous Airstream with exposed aluminum, clean lines and many luxury features.

Video #3 – Brakes and Sway
RV'ing is a great way to vacation, but there are some safety issues that you need to pay attention to like braking and trailer sway. In this video James Bell, GM's head of Consumer Affairs, talks about these issues and some upgrades to the 2014 GMC Sierra that make towing safer and easier.

Trailers can sway dangerously at highway speeds due to wind gusts and passing semis. According to James, the new Sierra's sway control feature is one of the best ways to mitigate this. Sway control uses the StabiliTrak system to monitor and mitigate the sway that builds as you are cruising along the highway. Both Sway Control and StabiliTrak come standard on the 2014 GMC Sierra.

When towing an RV, sudden braking can cause the vehicle to shudder before coming to a complete stop. Fortunately James is driving the GMC Sierra with Duralife brakes. The oven baked and nitrogen fortified brake rotors bring the truck and trailer to a smooth shudder-free stop. They'll last a long time and won't ruin the rugged good looks of the truck by rusting.

Video #4 - Why the 2014 Sierra Is Perfect For Towing Any RV
In this video, while cruising along Highway 101 towing a heavy airstream trailer, James talks about why the new 2014 Sierra is perfect for towing any RV. While other automakers can talk about their engines, James points out that there is just no replacement for displacement. A good size engine with the cylinders being used as efficiently as possible is the trick!

Even while pulling a heavy trailer, the Sierra's 5.3L V8 engine never feels like it is working too hard which means it is still getting great mileage. The EcoTec3 line of engines has three technologies - variable valve timing, direct injection and displacement control - that come together to truly create outstanding trailering capability.

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